Why do you need a Tele-Tote?

Over the years, Cell phones have increased in size.  A safe way to carry these larger phones while you ride has been a problem.  I have seen them shoved into back jean pockets and into saddlebags. I have seen them fall out and get lost on the trail or plopped into toilets.  Even worse, galloping down the trail with your horse and the phone in those saddlebags while your are left in the dirt after being thrown off your horse.  Here you are, all busted up and no phone to call for help.  This is why I came up with Tele-Totes.. To safely carry your phone on you while you ride.  And... be fashionable, too!
Well, we recently purchased a Harley motorcycle, so now, of course, I had to come up with the Biker style!  It's simply a solid black with a selection of 6 new Biker style conchos...everything else is the same.