It all started one day that my husband and I were shopping in a nice Country Feed and Tack shop.  There were two ladies looking for a safe, secure way to carry their, larger cell phones on them while they rode their horses.  There was nothing in the store.  I overheard what they were saying, and showed them my little cell phone pouch that I had made out of a leather draw string leather bag.  I had added a neat little strap with a snap on each end that snapped around my jeans belt loops. It worked great for me since I didn't wear belts and all other phone holders required a belt, or, if you clipped it to your pants, would pinch.  I had worn that bag for years!  The ladies were so excited about my little cell phone bag, they each asked if I could make them one... then two, then three......It exploded after that!

This is the original bag, now, very old, but very used.


Yes, they have evolved a bit from the original.  People let me know what they wanted.....from the rounded pouch bottom to the more squared bottom to accommodate the phone shape, to the flap...then with the snap to make sure the phone didn't come out as you galloped over the countryside.   The fringe on the bottom is an option now with two lengths...4" and 8" and only along the bottom only.  Then came the crossbody strap, and the inside pocket!   We've come a long way!  And.....we are getting the Design Patent! are Patent Pending!